Sharing class, 1st sharing

Posted: December 4, 2012 in education

I have changed the way my class runs for the second half of the semester. I call it a sharing class, where students may share their experience or deep knowledge on a specific topic. Of course, the topic students have to share are limited in the area of the class subjects. From the two classes I have handled, the number of participants for this scheme is out of my expectation, so, selection must be made.

Selection come to a consideration about the topic that closest to the current and the most discussed topic worldwide. The topics varied from the easiest, for example how to make a folder appears super or ultra hidden, until the most complicated topic, such as ClearOS linux configurations for a server. Most of the topics are relatively new for me as a lecturer, and I had never expected that my students have such wide knowledge that related to my class subject.

First sharing were performed by interesting topics, for instance, Google AdSense experience and TV broadcasting. In every end of each sharing, the nearly-120 students applaud noisily on the performance, it showed that sharing class was successfully attracted attention. As for me, my big appreciation to what they had prepared and performed, had opened the opportunity that a class is not always noised by the lecturer or teacher, but students may take over the class with well-organization from lecturer/teacher. So, the class will be able to minimize student’s boredom and make it more alive.

What do you think to perfect this?